Top 20 pieces of home fitness equipment

Is it raining out? Gym shut down for renovations? Or you just can’t be bothered to drive there? Well, I understand how that feels completely. So much so in fact, that I tend to have a wide variety of workout gear at home for me to use on call. Rather than travel for 30 minutes to the gym and back, while losing motivation along the way.

Ab wheel

I’m sure you’ve seen these in some kind of infomercial or in a gym, being used by someone who is supremely fit with abs that almost look too good to be real. Well, I’m not saying that you will even get abs from this, that mostly depends on your diet. But, what I can say is that my core, endurance and stomach reached a new level, using this almost daily.

So if you are reaching for new heights and a stronger core in general, then this is a go to item.

Yoga Mat

This is a no brainer, nobody wants to workout on hard tile or wooden floor. It’s just bad for your spine and will hurt you in the long run. So for your own safety, get a yoga mat. But the key is to get a thick and durable one. Otherwise you’ll just en up replacing it after a few months.

Complete home gym

If you’re in the mood to test your limits and become the ultimate beast, might as well get an all in one home gym. Admittedly you would need a decent amount of space for this, but if you prefer to workout on your own, at random hours and have a sturdy floor. Then why not? Just be sure to follow the safety rules and put your home gym together properly.

Resistance band collection

These have saved me so much when I had the urge to move and burn some calories. Especially on long work days or when travelling as I didn’t have access to a gym. A good set of resistance bands will be light and have a wide variety of tools, this offers many exercise options to prevent you from getting bored. While giving you the option to turn your home or hotel room into the perfect workout spot.


Alright, the first time I tried this, my body burned like a lava pot for 3 days. If you’ve never tried TRX, just throwing in that caution, these little yellow strips of fiber are deceptively effective and will give you a total body workout like no other. All you need is a ceiling and enough space to lie down.

After that watch the fat melt away because the small yet simple movements incorporated in TRX will raise your endurance to the stratosphere.

Pull up bar

There’s one in every bachelor pad. Perfect for you and the guys to have a friendly pull up competition while the others are playing FIFA. You just need a sturdy door frame and remember not to hit your head on the ceiling on the way up, it’s happened to me before.

Fitness Ball

These are a lot of fun actually, because they make amazing objects to throw at someone. But when utilised properly a fitness ball is very effective for your core. Just trying to stay on top of the thing, that requires a large amount of core strength and concentration. Get one of these if balance is something you wish to work on, it will provide a base for you to build up from there.

Punching bag

These are so good after a rough day at the office, amazing for stress relief, endurance and pretending that you’re Bruce Lee. Boxing is proven to work for decades as an effective tool to raise your fitness levels, and have fun while doing it. Tip, pick out a good playlist and time will fly by as you have fun pummeling your punching bag.


Coming in all sizes and weights, kettlebells are great for everyone from beginners to pros. You can do workouts that incorporate the whole body in a matter of 20 minutes and feel fully satisfied with what you’ve done by the end. An underrated item, a good kettlebell is a quick way to a great workout.


If cardio is your go to for exercise or you’re looking to strengthen your knee after surgery. An indoor bike will offer you what you’re looking for, by providing a secure and stable exercise that will gradually build up the strength and endurance of your legs. While improving your cardiovascular system which in turn reduces stress.

Workout discs

These little discs here? They may look cute, gentle and adorable, but they are anything but. The first time I tried these, the trainer made me crawl across an entire warehouse with my toes placed on top and knees not allowed to touch the ground. I felt it (sheds tear), but luckily there are easier workouts for you to use on your own and less distance to travel, unless you have a spare warehouse lying around.

Ankle weights

I love these. So much so that often I would find that I was wearing them around the house while making dinner or watching Netflix. Little did I notice that day by day my legs gradually became absolute beasts and my jumping ability made me reconsider my basketball career.

They come in various weights, I would recommend starting off low and building your way up, but I suggest these ones because they offer the ability to switch out the weights. You’d be surprised how quickly you adjust to them.


Dumbbells are synonymous with home gyms, I can’t picture one without a good pair. These ones are quick to switch out weights so you don’t have to waste time in between sets. Not only that but they look fabulous!

Weighted gloves

These could make a great combination with your ankle weights. Often lighter, these are meant simply to tone up your arms and strengthen your wrists, which may be useful should you have a desk job and want to prevent carpal tunnel.

Medicine ball

Has a similar usefulness to a kettlebell but can be added to your core workouts seamlessly as the smooth exterior allows for simple handling to offer a wide variety of exercises that can incorporate any part of the body. A medicine ball remains one of my all time favs, especially for HIIT workouts.


Old school but efficient. If you have an outdoor workout area this is the quintessential workout piece as a barbell with a few plates used properly can make you swole. Arnold would be proud if he saw this in your house.


There’s a saying that anyone who trains without music must be exercising with revenge on their mind. Because there is no way a good workout can be done without something to keep you moving and motivated.

Pilates reformer

Honestly, I had no idea what Pilate Reformers were for the longest time. Then I tried it and it was actually pretty fun. Not a bad option if you are looking to improve your core and flexibility as well. A friend of mine raves about it being great for his back, so if you’re looking for an exercise with therapeutic benefits. Pilates could be your thing.

Foam roller

One does not know how tight their muscles are until they use a foam roller, especially ones with ridges because they can dig deep. I’ve seen grown men wince in pain because well, they never stretch and are tighter than a wet towel and less flexible than a brick. So naturally having all that loosened up may cause some pain initially, but after a few weeks you’ll definitely notice improvements in your flexibility and diminished pain in your back and joints.

Jump Rope

This is a classic workout for those looking to improve their endurance and hand-eye coordination. Not to mention, you'll feel like Rocky training for a big fight while you perfect your jump rope technique.

If you have a good portion of the list mentioned above, you may not even need to get a gym membership.

Written by: Randy Brangman


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