Three major benefits of healthy eating

In today’s society it’s fairly easy to get caught up in the fast paced lifestyle and succumb to the constant advertisement of poorly made foods with minimal nutritional value. This combination has led to an increase in health statistics such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

But is there truly a benefit to healthier eating? Yes… here are a three major benefits of it.

1. Reduce risk of cancer:

#Cancer isn’t fun… and the habits of unhealthy eating in western society has led to an increase in obesity. According to a report done by the America Society of Clinical Oncology. A separate study done by the same group found that a diet consisting of fruits and veg played a significant role in reducing ones risk of getting cancer, so it’s definitely something to consider upon making diet changes.

High fiber diets are a good way to reduce your risk of liver cancer, while adding fruits and veg to that would diminish your chance of getting colorectal cancer… which is as bad as it sounds.

If cancer something that doesn’t interest you, then it would be best to maintain a healthy lifestyle, try to keep an alkaline blood stream.

2. Stroke prevention and a healthy heart:

As of 2017, as many as 92.1 million people in the US have at least one type of cardiovascular disease, that’s nearly 30% of the population! Madness!

The positive news is that most of this is preventable by simply eating better and moving more, roughly 80% of cases of premature heart disease fall under this category. You just have to be more conscious, and if you’re having trouble starting, I’m here to help you.

3. Weight loss

Many of the ailments that have been plaguing society recently such as:

heart disease, bone density (which often leads to arthritis)Some cancers, non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus can all be prevented or at least reduce the risk of prevention by simply maintaining a healthy weight.

Processed food tends to have a higher caloric density that traditional whole foods which, unfortunately, have become harder to access and more expensive for the average person.

This has led to a greater reliance on ready made meals and take out due to convenience, at the expense of their long term health. It’s reached the point where 1 in every 4 deaths that occur in the United States are due to heart disease. The most common of which being coronary artery disease, killing over 370,000 per year.

If you want to learn what foods to incorporate into your diet and make the first step to a healthier lifestyle then click on the link below and they’ll guide you to wherever you need to go:


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