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The benefits of wearing an ankle brace

Which brace ankle should I wear and WHY..?

A lot has been said related with ankle braces, maybe it could be a confusion about its pros and cons, fortunately you have got at the place you need to be to vanish all those doubts and begin to have a better wellness.

Here I will explain some of the benefits you will have when using ankle braces and how they can improve your performance during exercise by preventing sprains or helping you recover from an injury.

As technology is moving forward, so does all tech related with sport clothes and accessories. There is an industry behind every elite athlete that develops and improves clothes and accessories to help them win races and competitions. This fact brings with it a vast amount of products that help us to look after ourselves when training, and here is where something like ankle braces make their entrance.

Sprained ankles are one of the most common injuries for athletes. Sport causes wear and tear over time, due to the high demand required of your ankles. It can just take a wrong footstep or twist to fall into an injury. That is why sports science has developed a good range of brace ankles aiming to reduce these kinds of injuries, to help with rehabilitation and prevent relapses.

We can classify these into three main groups:

1. The soft ones that provide support and compression. Also called foot sleeve, gives a sensation of immobilization without actually immobilizing. It could be a good option if you have a lot of swelling in the ankle, or just to control some mild injuries. It increases proprioception, which is what helps you be able to quickly react if you feel that your ankle is having some inadequate twist.

2. The Semi-rigid braces or lace-up braces are very comfortable and can help you if you have a grade two sprained ankle (partial tearing of ligaments), or maybe even a grade one sprain. The laces allow you to fit the brace as tight as you wish. They provide good support and mild range of motion on your ankle.

3. The rigid braces are also comfortable, offer all the support you would need and remove the risk of twisting your ankle further to maintain the process of healing after a serious injury.

It’s proven that ankle braces minimize the chance of having an injury, it depends on you and your sprain history, which one to choose in order to get the best benefits from them.

It is also a fact that by having a good alignment, performing rehab exercises regularly and being aware of where to step on, will allt benefit our ankles. However, ankle braces can help you to increase much more, by giving you extra support and protection for your sprained ankles, even more if you have had this kind of injury before.

According to an investigation performed at the University of Wisconsin called: “The Effect of Lace-up Ankle Braces on Injury Rates in High School Basketball Players” ( it can be effective the using of an ankle brace for decreasing the risk of spraining your ankle during a game.

So, if you are a professional athlete of any sport or have suffered from a sprained ankle before and want to take care of your ankles. An ankle brace can be a really good addition to your normal clothing when training, just remember when selecting the one that actually fits with your necessities and physiology. If you are stuck, always reach out to an expert who can guide you, because an ankle brace is not like putting a shirt, as you use it, you need to ensure that it is helping you rather than affecting you in a negative way.

Inform yourself, rely on the experts and brace yourself.

Written by:

Danny Urrea


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