How 21st century living is affecting your health.

Over the centuries, the development of the human mind has led to a progression in technology that has benefited all of us.

We don’t have to do as much to put food on our plate, travel is achievable by simply buying a ticket online. To get from point A to point B, we just have to turn on the ignition in our cars.

Everything in life has become more convenient, smooth and accessible.

But, just like everything in life. There are positives and negatives to each situation you experience. Our brain power has skyrocketed (for the most part) but our bodies have suffered because of this.

Looking back at all the conveniences I pointed out earlier, what #physical activity are you doing for all of those examples?


You are sitting for the duration of each of them, expending the least amount of energy physically possible. By doing this — or lack of doing rather — you are denying your body the physical growth it needs to function.

A passive lifestyle can lead to chronic pain in your knees and back. You can gain weight easily, your brain slows down as you aren’t sending that many messages to your body.

Reaction time slows down, as does your metabolism. Once your metabolism rates decline, you collect fat which adds to your body weight that transfers to your weakening joints.

This culmination of events often leads to ailments such as #arthritis, #obesity, high blood pressure and #bursitis. None of which are a positive experience as they usually lead to further health issues.

How can one counter this?

Simple, by moving.

The human body isn’t accustomed to our current lifestyle, it’s usually more active. Constantly moving, searching for new lands to live in, establishing new regions to live and performing tasks of manual labor or hunting.

Many thousands of years of physical effort from our ancestors have let to this point, to where we require none, and that is the problem.

As our minds grew, our bodies have deteriorated. Leading to an imbalance that is paying us back in exceedingly high #healthcare premiums, endless pills being shipped to pharmacies that are nearly on every corner and a huge cut of your paycheck going to fix completely preventable problems.

It’s time to move back a bit and take a look. How can I incorporate more #fun activities in my life? How can I look after me? Because in today’s society, everyone is so busy it’s often difficult to find support, so you’ll have to make that decision yourself.

If not then the endless cycle of sickness and medical care will continue.


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