Biohacking defined: With 4 easy steps to get started

Updated: Jul 15, 2019


What is Biohacking?

An easy way to understand Biohacking is, that it’s meant to be the process of changing your lifestyle in order to “hack” your body’s biology and improve day by day. Until you reach the ultimate goal of becoming the best version of yourself.

Involving every aspect of your life, both big and small. Ranging from how much you sleep to what you eat, every action you take is done with the purpose of transforming your body and mind.

It’s not miracle work, or meant to shed 50 pounds in one day. That’s physically impossible, at least to my knowledge. The purpose is simply to alter your perception on various parts of your daily life, to implement a healthier method of living.

A brief history

It actually was first mentioned by the Washington Post of all things, back in 1988. It derived from an article on biotechnology and was used as a way to describe “fiddling with the genetic code of a living organism”.

From there the term stuck and diversified into the 3 main methods we know today.

What types are there?

DIY Biology:

This is led by educated professors and those with scientific experience. Effectively it’s a subculture, with these scientists performing biological experiments, studying life by means that may not be conventional but has a passionate movement.

In fact, the experienced teachers and scientific researchers are open enough to teach the average person like you and I how to perform these experiments. But, because of the fact the science is unproven and many are simply taught by scientists, but remain to have minimal experience. Has led to the consensus that this isn’t the most reliable method.

Especially as no official oversight is being conducted over these experiments.


You can call this a study of manipulating your body’s activity via nutritional intake. Working together with other categories like sleep manipulation, classic exercise and environmental triggers, this type of hacking focuses on our ever changing bodies.

Using the discoveries from these changes to live a better life. The focus of nutrigenomics is simply to learn how various stimuli, such as food and activity alter the functioning of your body. Gathering said data an utilizing it to become more efficient in the future.


No not the app, this is another kind of biohacking. It’s a little riskier than the others because if focuses on technology that chemically manipulates the body. In an attempt to push the body beyond it’s limits, like power lifters and bodybuilders do to an extent, but with more of a scientific notion behind it. Personally, I wouldn’t partake in anything that could manipulate my body chemically, but to each their own.

4 easy steps

1. Stand more, get up and move!

Since most of us just sit down all day in front of a computer, probably working a job we don’t like with people we feel 'meh' about. This is damaging our health in so many ways. Mentally your mind isn’t as active, your back weakens and ultimately you start to slow down as an individual.

Getting around this is easy, use your feet. Stand more! It doesn't mean having to always be on your feet, but simply to get up for a walk, or even run more than you used to. Taking the stairs, pacing during phone calls or just going to your work colleague instead of sending an email. All of these will create engagement and hack your mind and body into wanting to do more things. Not to mention it will increase your metabolic rate as well, which encourages weight loss.

2. Meditation

You’d be amazed how powerful your mind can be, the brain not only functions the body by sending it messages. But, if fully utilized you can achieve so many great things just by having better control over your thoughts. Meditation can help you break limits.

Described as the ultimate brain hack by many, the benefits of meditation are immense. With reductions in pain, better sleep and increased productivity all being linked with it. Also, should one be suffering from anxiety or stress, meditation can prove to be very useful in diminishing the tension they feel and provide more clarity.

I personally meditate to help relieve stress and it always helps, unless somebody disturbs me in the middle of it. Then they will feel my full wrath.

3. Sleep more

Sleep deprivation is all too common, it greatly effects your day to day life, and not in a positive way. Recently, I moved into a new apartment and the window curtains are much lighter than my last, meaning I would wake up at 5 or 6 am and feel drowsy for the rest of the day.

If you’re not getting 7–9 hours a night, you are risking the possibility of health problems such as depression, a weakened immune system, chronic disease, irritability and so much more.

An easy tip is to keep your phone far away from your bed, in fact tuck it away somewhere out of reach and forget about it.

If you have curtains like me, either buy a darker set or use a good player of eye masks like me. Believe me, they work like a charm.

4. Switch up your eating times

By simply altering the times you eat, you can biohack your body. In today’s society more and more people are trying intermittent fasting to great effect, I’ve recommended it to multiple clients who expressed an interest in losing weight. Some would lose 10+ pounds in a little over a week, all while performing much better in their cardiovascular exercises.

Not only that, but intermittent fasting helps regulate your sensitivity to insulin. For those who often overate, the fasting also kept their ghrelin levels (hunger hormone) in check, so they wouldn’t reach for that second plate, but instead feel content with one.

There are many forms of fasting, so you can pick one that suits your lifestyle or experience level. Some go for alternate-day fasting, where on fasting days you drop your calorie intake by 25 percent and eat normally on the other days.

Time restricted is more extreme, this is similar to what is done during Ramadan, where the participant only eats during a specific time frame of the day. This is the one I recommended to my more focused clients, and many continue it to this day. Stating it brought them clarity, more energy and a flatter stomach.


These simple actions are just the tip of the iceberg, there are many more ways to effectively “hack” your body. It could be doing simple stretches or yoga movements daily to unlock your muscles and nervous system. Another is walking barefoot indoors to ground your body and enjoying the outdoors more and getting some precious Vitamin D, just don’t forget your sun screen.

All in all, how you hack your body is entirely up to you. In the end, the goal is the same. To become the best version of yourself.


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