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3 Vitamin A supplements that will boost your health

The world of vitamins is rich in substances that improve the body's health. In this article you will have as protagonist the well-known Vitamin A with its awesome properties that help essential processes of the human body to be done in a more optimal way.

Vitamin A, or super-vitamin A (for all its good qualities), is a compound of diverse fat-soluble molecules that provide a wide range of benefits in different parts of your body.

In the interest of keeping this article simple, but powerful for applicable information to your life, I will just point out two basic distinctions of Vitamin A. There is a basic difference on the source you could find vitamin A: the animal and vegetable kingdom.

Here I’ll show you the principal foods you can find this vitamin: vegetables such as: broccoli, spinach, carrot, broccoli rabe; and animal products like cod liver oil, eel, eggs and some kind of cheeses.

The actual compound that is stored in our body as vitamin A is called retinol, a product of the processing of the beta-carotene (pro A vitamin) present in vegetables or just by getting it from animal products as itself, retinol (preformed vitamin A). This compound can act in our organism in several ways, according to the form the body uses it.

The retinol used in its principal state, makes an important impact increasing the strength of the immune system, extremely crucial for our health and protection against some viruses or bacteria that could cause infections and deteriorated our health.

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Retinol can also be transformed in our body to get retinal, which is the substance that can help us to decrease the time we need to adapt our eyes to light changes when we are in dark places.

Other forms of the retinol is when it is transformed into retinoic acid, which helps the tissue regeneration like mucous membranes. It helps to fight against acne affections for example, and promotes healthy skin.

There are more specific gains we could have when we have a diet rich in vitamin A like healthy bones, may get lower the probability of certain kinds of cancers (like lump or bladder cancers), and also for maintaining a healthy reproductive system.

For all the above, having vitamin A in a good level in our body is something we should get.

In order to help you out to find some good options, here I recommend you three supplements you could add to your diet:

1. Cod Liver Oil w/ Vitamin A & D

Supports Heart Health

Improves Vision

Helps support immune system

Aids in calcium absorption

One year supply

2. FSC Vitamin A 8000 IU soft gel capsules

No preservatives

Wheat free

Gluten Free

No artificial flavours

Dairy Free

3. The Vitamin A Bronson

This offers 10,000 IU per single soft gel NON-GMO solution that helps improve your vision and immune system.

So, it is a fact we need to include a rich quantity of vitamin A in our implementation, but always having the supervision of a doctor, as low levels of vitamin A would lead you to the deterioration of health, having too much high levels of this vitamin can be a problem as well for your health.


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