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3 Products designed to help take back pain away

After having finished a six month mechanical installation project at one of the most prestigious industrial companies in the country I live in. I got very excited and satisfied with the obtained results. But unfortunately, that was not the only thing I got.

During those really long hours of working not only on the field supervising the installation, but also on the computer (which I think where the most impact hours of work). I started to notice that it was really easy to get pain in my back. Specifically on the upper right side, near to the neck.

It was like a trigger point that could leave my back in pain just by touching it, after just a couple of hours working in front of a computer. Later on I realized that was just a physical manifestation of the stress I got during this project.

It stayed with me and I needed to figure out what to do in order to make it disappear. So here I will show you some of the information I could search for the sake of my back.

The back pain is a common feeling almost all of us could have in a certain point of life. Many factors can result in this.

Good posture is key

Nowadays the lifestyle we have almost all of us use computers at work, where we spend almost the entire shift working in front of it. Add to that a bad posture while sitting, is one of the most common causes of back pain in people.

But that does not mean the ones that do not use a computer at work are completely safe from having back pain. In fact, there is a much wider reason that could make our back feel in pain: the dreaded stress.

When we get stressed some muscles of the back tend to contract, and the more often we get into stress, the more chances we have to develop a constant and even chronic back pain cycle.

There’s a lot we can do to help our back feel relaxed and rested. Starting with having a good posture while sitting and including constant routines of stretching while working at the office. These could help prevent the fatigue of our back muscles.

Stay Calm

Furthermore, learning how to handle stressful situations of life is the other ingredient we could add to our lives in order to help your back free from pain. Remember that at the end, it is not the situation that is stressful. It is our response to that specific situation that can be turned into stress. So we can choose how to feel and how much stress we let get in our lives and back.

So, with bad posture, stress and also injuries could produce a state of back pain in different zones and with various levels of intensity.

There are several products out there we could find to reduce the back pain and give you a path of getting out of this situation easier and more quickly.

Here are some options that you could try and make your back feel “happy”.

1. MaxKare Neck/Shoulder Massager

Has 3 intensity levels

Covers neck, shoulders and upper back

Premium Breathable mesh

Can be used at home or in our car

Offers instant pain relief

Modetro Sports Posture Corrector Spinal Support

Great for posture


Trains muscle memory

Comes in 3 sizes

Helps stabilize your spine

This final one is an option you could use not only for your back but also for others parts of your body that could be in muscular pain:

Machine washable

Clinically proven to reduce stress

4 heat settings

Increass blood flow

Accelerates tissue healing

Each option I recommend to you could help decreasing back pain by releasing tensions with warm and vibrations. Other ones of these options help you to stretch your muscles. At the end what those products are looking for is to coddle your back and make it feel relaxed.

However remember that your mind is also a muscle you need to train as a means to keep calm and react with low levels of stress regardless of the situation you are living or that work you need to deliver by Friday.

I invite you to check any of these products (according to your needs or conditions) and kick out of your life that pain you really don't deserve.


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