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Struggling with chronic pain, or have a loved one who is?

Then you’re probably looking for a trustworthy guide that is practical, easy to follow and simple to understand. Well, I was too and didn't find it, so I made one myself.


As a licensed Exercise Therapist and Nutritionist who has helped hundreds achieve a more comfortable and productive life, I decided to share what I’ve learnt over the years so you, too, can gently regain your strength, independence and confidence to become the best version of yourself.


From arthritis and hip replacement to sciatica and lower back pain, this ebook lays out practical step-by-step exercises you can do at home or at the gym—with or without weights. In this first edition, I target the most vulnerable parts of the body:


  • Weak ankles

  • Stiff knees

  • Sore back

  • Painful hip

  • Stubborn shoulders

This ebook is designed to help everybody of all ages, whether you’re recovering from surgery or just want to quash a nagging backache from too many hours at the office.


From gentle stretches to muscle-building exercises, there's something for everyone.


Every exercise is in simple, bite-sized stages with relatable examples and extra tips.


Get inspired by real anecdotes and find constant cheer and encouragement on every page.

Note that this is not a cure-all miracle ebook, and it certainly won’t turn you into Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (at least not overnight). This is a safe and steady journey to a pain-free life that also helps you better understand your body and how it works. 


The truth is that improving your health requires patience and determination, and through this ebook, I’ll support you every step of the way until you get there.

Ready to work together for a pain-free life?

For less than the price of a large pizza, you can download an ebook brimming with knowledge that you’d normally have to pay hundreds of dollars for. Once you have it, it’s yours forever and you’ll automatically get updated versions for free.









"Like written by a friend."

I read a lot of books on home exercises and this is the first one that actually felt like it genuinely wanted me to understand my body and how to make it better. Everything is explained so simply and Randy encourages you the whole way.  — Luis.

"Simple, fun and incredibly helpful."

I never thought I'd have fun reading a book on joint pain relief, but I did with this one. You also learn A LOT more than you bargained for. Worth it 100%.  — Katerina.

"Life-changing tips and exercises!"

I have bad sciatica and arthritis in my knees. I'm in love with the stretches in this ebook and I do them every day. The difference has been life-changing and I will always be grateful to Randy for sharing his advice and inspiring stories. — Leslie M.

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